A while ago a fell Diabetic Dog Owner mentioned to me that mix in powder fiber might help out in keep Bender regulated and possibly lower his insulin needs. Which Bender already is pretty regulated but any thing to help. I went out a bought some store brand mix in fiber, original flavor. Just the basic kind, not the flavorless kind. I didn’t buy a name brand because I was able to buy twice as much for half the price. Yay store brands!

Any way, what’s so great about fiber? Fiber slows down digestion, which slows down the rate sugars are absorbed into the blood, and allows Bender to digest his food at a slower rate (He has been having empty stomach/too much acid issues lately). So what does that mean? It means a more even and slower glucose curve. So instead of Bender peaking really bad at noon to 1pm, then dropping rather fast. His peak is more of a curve. See my Graph.

I tested Bender’s blood sugar levels for a day before giving him any fiber. It was slightly high and I should up his insulin by one unit. But seeing as how the fiber was suppose to help I held off. don’t want Bender crashing. I started to slowly give him fiber. I started out with 1/4 a serving per day, and have worked my way up to 1/2 a serving per meal over the course of 10 days. All I do is put the powdered fiber on his food, wet his food down with warm water, wait a few minutes, then give it to him.

His glucose levels dropped a bit, enough that I didn’t have to up his dose like I was going to before I started giving him fiber. His stomach issues improved a bit but haven’t gone away completely. And his end product cycle (pooping) seems to have slowed a bit for the better.

Over all for the $8 or so I spent on fiber, it has been worth it adding it to his food. Any one else have their dog on fiber? What were your results?