Bender is a huge baby when it comes to cutting his nails. He cries and whines like he is in pain just at the sight of the clippers. He will run and hide if he can. And If I do manage to get a hold of his paw he does everything he can to get away. I don’t know why. I’ve always tried to make the experience pleasant by giving him treats during and afterwards.

Beyond all that clipping his nails is difficult because he has black nails so its hard not to knick his quick. Which I’m guessing is why he hates getting his nails clipped, knicking the quick hurts! Then I have to deal with a bloody nail.

I was shown by a friend of mine that is a vet tech how to see the quick. Take a small flash light and place directly on the dog’s nail so the light shines through the nail. You will be able to see through the nail and be able to see the redish quick. Now you will be able to see where to cut so you don’t hit the quick. No more knicking the quick, no more hurt paws, and no more blood!