I bought Bender and Luna a treadmill a few weeks ago. I found one at a garage sale for $10. Came with two extra motors! Its a smaller one. Apartment size. Perfect for the dogs. I bought it because Bender needs to have structured exercise every day or he goes crazy. Luna could use the exercise too. She is a little firecracker.

I run the dogs on my bike about 3.5 miles a day and usually that doesn’t seem to be enough after 20 mins of rest when we get home. But when the weather is terrible and I can’t run the dogs and playing with them inside just doesn’t cut it, treadmill to the rescue!

Luna likes the treadmill. She will run on it without a leash. I can even not pay attention to her and she will run for about 15 minutes before she sits down and goes chucking off the back. Rest for 5, then back on it for another 10 mins. Bender on the other hand is a bit more difficult. I have to stand there while he runs, encourage him, and put him back on the treadmill, alot.

Bender leads a healthy exercise filled life even with diabetes. That’s what we tend to forget. Most dogs need daily structured exercise. A simple walk wasn’t cutting it with Bender. I’d have to walk him 10 mile before he would even slow down. That’s why I switched to riding my bike with him. He runs the whole time. Non stop. Running nothing else. No stopping to sniff. No leading. Just running. That’s why I bought the treadmill so he can run non stop inside. After the run, he can have fun time. We always stop at Magic Rabbit Tree in the front yard in hopes a rabbit will magically appear (they live under the tree).

The point that I’m trying to make is just because your dog has diabetes doesn’t mean you should stop the exercise or cut down. If any thing exercise your dog more (in healthy moderation). It is good for them plus its good for you.