Let me start by saying I would never recommend a product unless I thought it was awesome and worth every penny. This is an article about one of those products.

Bender sheds like a snow storm in January. It is ridiculous how much hair Bender puts off. Not just in spring and summer but all year. I could brush him every day and he would still shed. Which is crazy considering Luna is the one with more hair. But she hardly sheds compared to Bender.

So in our constant search to find a product to help control hair loss, my beautiful girlfriend found a brush called the FURminator. Now we have tried all sorts of other brushes. Such as the PETZoom, The Shed Ender, shedding blades, and more. All worked decently well. But nothing like what we wanted.

The shedding blade was decent. It would get about half the hair off. But at least for Bender, it wasn’t able to get his bottom coat. That’s where The Shed Ender came in, but it took forever. I would have to go over a 4″ x 2″ spot about 8 times or more to get all the hair out. I would end up only getting about half of Bender brushed before he got sick of it.

Then my girlfriend bought The FURminator. Here is a picture of Bender next to his hair.

That’s only half the hair I got off of him. Most of it blew away. And that’s his second brushing this week. You can actually feel that his coat is lighter. The amount of hair I got off of Bender in one 20-30 minute brushing session would have taken me much much longer with any of the other brushes.

Here are a few videos of the FURminator in action.

We found our FURminator on eBay for about $30 less than they wanted for it in any store. But it was also the old model.

Any one else use The FURminator? or would recommend any other brushes?