My Dog has Diabetes, So now what?

Your life or your dogs life isn’t over with. My Dog, Bender leads a happy health life. He goes for runs. Plays with his sister Luna, Eats and gets treats. But he also gets shots twice a day and his blood sugar checked.

First I must say Bender’s diabetes is different from most dogs. There is as of right now some thing else affecting him that we can’t figure out. The vet doesn’t know nor do I. This has caused Bender’s diabetes to be an extreme case. If your dog has major problems like mine, please let me know.

Because there is some thing affecting Bender beyond his diabetes, it is hard to control. He is getting close to 80 units from a U100 needle a day which is a lot for a 50lb dog on special food.

- Get your dog on your vet’s recommend food for your diabetic dog.
- Get a glucose meter and supplies
- Find insulin that will work for your dog
- Find a good place to get supplies
- Get on a schedule

- Get your dog on your vet’s recommend food for your diabetic dog.
Bender is on Hills Science Diet W/D
- Get a glucose meter and supplies
AlphaTrack Blood Glucose Monitoring System Meter
AlphaTRAK Blood Glucose TEST STRIPS – 50 Count
LANCETS – Not all lancets are the same buy a decent quality one, it will probably run you $10-15 for a box of 100. I’ve used the cheaper ones – $5 for a box of 100 and they suck.
- Find insulin that will work for your dog
Bender was on Humilin, my vet since switched him to Vetsulin. Ask your vet for options. I pay $25 for a 10ml bottle of vetsulin.
- Find a good place to get supplies
I buy from I get U100 needles for humans.
- Get on a schedule

If you have to give your dog daily shots get on a schedule that works for you and your dog. Bender eats Hills Science Diet W/D twice a day, 8am and 6pm. He gets a set amount almost 3 cups a meal. 6 cups a day. He doesn’t get to eat from his bowl all day. If he doesn’t eat it all in 10mins, which is very rare that he leaves any, I pick it up. He gets a shot right after he eats at 8am, and after he eats at 6pm.

For you it might be different. You might find 7am and 7pm works with your schedule and your dogs schedule.

I give Bender his shot right after he eats because his blood sugar skyrockets really fast. This I found out from checking his blood sugar. For you, your dog’s sugar might go up slower. So you might find a shot 12hrs a part might be better for you. The important thing is is to get a good profile of your dog’s blood sugar, and ask your vet what the best schedule is and make sure it will work for your dog and you.

Just remember to always ask your vet about changes. If they aren’t helping you out ask much as you feel they should, fine another vet.

Let me know what your schedule is like for your dog and their shots.

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  1. carmen

    I just found out my dog has diabetes. I am so sad today.

  2. Jeff Mendelsohn

    Sorry to hear that. How old is your dog? What kind?

  3. Hi! I just found out todayone of my dogs has diabetes. She’s 8 years old, a mutt but mostly golden retriver/lab mix. She also has hip dysplasia. She’ll be getting 2 shots a day. Glad to have found your blog to read about someone else’s experience.

  4. I was devastated last year when my 7 year old schnauzer was diagnosed with diabetes- I cried for days and thought this was the beginning of the end- but after much determination (from me, my wonderful vet and Onyx the dog) she is doing great- granted she still has A LOT of other health problems but I”m learning to live day by day with her conditions. Having a diabetic dog certainly adds more responsbilility to the owner, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world!!! Oh- I didn’t mention my other schnauzer has chronic health problems too- I feel sometimes I work to pay my vet bills!!
    Have patience, and expect good days & bad, but LOVE every day with them. Love this website.

  5. I have a 4yo Pug, diagnosed with pancreatitis in February. He had diabetes symptoms in July, so I took him in and his sugar was 693. Currently, we are on 9u of Novalin N, twice a day and he eats a holistic diet of Solid Gold Holistique. He had is 1st “crash” a week ago, and has had one more since then. We do a blood glucose curve once a month (or more depending) and he seems to be doing well at this point. Nice to have found your blog.

  6. Our 8 year old lab was just diagnosed with diabetes. His blood sugar was 560! He is going to start insulin (NPH 100?) and my mom is already stressing about the cost, injections, etc. (he lives with them, not me). I feel so bad for him but glad I found this site, will be keeping up on it.

  7. Jeff Mendelsohn

    Sadly there will always be an increase of cost due to diabetes but there are things you can do to minimize the costs. I use ReliOn insulin from Walmart, which is Novolin N. Walmart is changing to another company soon. But for now the cost of a bottle is $25. If I bought straight Novolin N, it would be much, much higher.

    Get your dog on a good food. Most commercial brands at the store are not good. Talk to your vet to find a good dog food. Probably Hill’s Science Diet W/D. I make my own dog food. Its starting to cost more but my dog’s glucose levels are much much lower which means a bottle of insulin now lasts 60 days compared to 21 days. So the cost is actually cheaper compared to buying food.

    Get your lab on a schedule for eating and exercise. No more table scraps. The most important thing to keeping your dog regulated is giving them the same food at the same time and exercising them the same amount at the same time or close to it. Good luck! If you have any questions please let me know!

  8. Our dog, roger started his insulin and weight loss regime on Monday night. What a trial! Between my husband and me – we had to corral him with the leash and hold him tightly (with husband wearing gloves …) so he would not bite ME while giving him the injection. It’s gotten a little easier (4th time this AM) but roger still tries to bite before he’s held tight. I sure hope he gets used to this before too long. We do give him a tiny chunk of string cheese as a reward immediately after he gets the shot. What a lot of work!!!

  9. Jeff Mendelsohn


    Thanks for commenting. Its always a challenge when starting out but routine and knowledge will make it easier!

    If you make shot time stressful for the dog, he will hate it and probably become more aggressive. Dogs are very in tune to your emotions, even if you don’t think they are picking up on them they are. You stressing about Roger and giving a shot, is just going to stress him out. I’d check out Cesar Millan.

    A lot of what he teaches will help you deal with Roger. You need to have control over your dog so you can give shots or take blood to check glucose levels. Cesar will definitely teach you how to do that.

  10. Glad I found this site. It is nice to hear about other dogs having diabetes. I have a 4 yr old chocolate lab. She has been doing insulin for a year now. My vet did not suggest checking her levels at home. I was wondering if that is hard to do. I am thinking I may want to do this because some days she still is drinking all day and has accidents in the house. I was hoping this would get easier but it hasn’t yet. Any other tips would be great.

  11. Jeff Mendelsohn


    Home testing can be easy, it all depends. The actual testing part is easy. The variable is if your dog cooperates. Home testing will save you money and help you regulate your dog’s diabetes.

    I use a lancet device to get blood from Bender’s cheek/lip. Here is a post about it:

    Buy an AlphaTrak Meter. It is the best and most accurate. A human meter won’t give your correct results. American Diabetes Wholesale has the meter and kits. There are various coupons on my site.

    Get your dog on a schedule for feeding and exercise. It is very important to help keep your dog regulated. Cut out people food. Cut down on treats or find good diabetic friendly treats like green beans.

    Take some time and read through all my posts on here. Lots of good info. And if you have any questions, please ask!

  12. My 13yr old dog was just diagnosed. Today is day 3 at home on her new diet and twice-per-day insulin shots. I’m still new to this, so should I be worried that she’s thrown up twice tonight, 5 hours after her last meal+shot? It’s a new diet, so she’s bound to get a bit sick, right? Should I call my vet about this?

    Also, my vet recommended testing her glucose via urine samples rather than blood because she reacts to poorly to being pricked. Do you have any experience testing via urine? I haven’t purchased anything yet.

    Thanks so much for doing this blog! It’s been a great comfort for me.

  13. Jeff Mendelsohn


    Did you transition your dog over to her new food (Slowly giving her the new food while decreasing the amount of her old food over a 1-2 week period)? Or did you just switch her? If you just switched her, that would probably be what is causing her to throw up. But I would call your Vet about her throwing up any way.

    If you didn’t transition her I would. Although dogs can eat pretty much any thing if you give them certain food at every meal for a while then just switch them it will throw their digestive track off.

    What food are you feeding your dog now?

    If you haven’t started to get your dog on a schedule for feeding, her shots, testing, and exercise, I would. Read my blog, I have lots of good info.

    I have not tried the urine strips for testing. Doing a quick search on Google, it seems like Keto-Diastix is the best because it tests for both glucose and ketones.

    Check out:

    Both sites seem to have some information about urine testing.

    If you have any other questions please let me know.

  14. Thanks Jeff!

    We didn’t transition her slowly, no. Just straight up switched from Purina One to Science Diet w/d, which now seems very stupid, in retrospect. She hasn’t had any incidents since, though, thankfully.

    We’ve got her on a schedule now and a regular daily walk/playtime, per your blog article suggestions. We have to travel a lot, though, so we’re a bit worried about medicine on-the-go or the potentiality of getting a dog sitter. I’ll have a hard time trusting anyone with her care for a while, I think. Do you board Bender when you go on vacation? Or take him with you?

    I’ll check out those links regarding urine testing. Very curious to see how they work and if they are the best option for Mia (my girl).

    Thanks again! Very happy to have found your blog.


  15. Jeff Mendelsohn


    Glad she is doing better. I’m not a fan of Science Diet W/D for diabetic dogs. Bender didn’t do well on it. It has a lot of corn and filler products: He was on it at one point and his glucose levels were all over the place. I would consider finding different food.

    When we go on vacation, if we can, we will take the dogs. If we can’t they stay with my parent in laws. They take his diabetes very seriously and are able to care for him. If you don’t have any one who can take care of your dog, boarding might be the only way to go. Just do your research and make sure they are prepared and knowledgeable about caring for a diabetic dog. If not, your Vet might do boarding or know a place that can.


  16. Jeff-

    My chocolate lab, Zeke, is 10 & was diagnosed Thanksgiving Eve. He had been whining to go out to urinate during the night. This prompted the vet visit and the eventual news. He was treated with an antibiotic for a urinary infection, which I was told was common. That cleared up.

    The poor fella has been unable to hold his urine recently during the day, so yesterday the vet just adjusted his insulin to 13 cc. from 12 cc. Today he urinated all over the rug again 7has vomited. We assume it is from adjusting to the new dosage…and him drinking water very fast.

    any suggestions to stop the urinating? His diet consists of Beneful dry food, twice a day & shots right after he eats. A Milk Bone treat after his shot & food taken away at that point.

    Thanks for any suggestions.


  17. Jeff Mendelsohn


    I’m not a Vet so there might be other issues going on here. So please if Zeke is still whizzing all over consult your Vet.

    One reason he might be whizzing is he isn’t regulated or 13cc isn’t enough to get him down to a good level. Average glucose levels should be 100-200. Dogs will drink a lot of water to the point they can’t hold it, trying to get rid of the extra sugar. So if Zeke’s level is 400+, he will drink lots of water.

    I would look for a different food. Wellness Healthy Weight, Blue Buffalo Healthy Weight, Orijen. I’ve recently switched Bender to Wellness Core Grain-Free Reduced Fat and he has been doing even better than when he was on Blue Buffalo Healthy Weight.

    The reason to get Zeke on better food, it should help reduce insulin dosage, easier help regulate.

    A lot of dog food has high sugar fillers like corn, white rice and preservatives that make it difficult to regulate glucose levels.

    Control what Zeke eats and how much. Bender only gets 1.5 cups per meal and one raw hide per day. Period. I don’t fill the bowl and let him eat till he is full. By doing this, it will help you understand required insulin dosages. I know that if Bender eats 1.5 cups of food, he will get about 21 units. Without having to test his blood sugar every day. Factor in any treats given when giving insulin.

    Next get the AlphaTrak II glucose meter and strips. Human meters won’t give you accurate results at all. The AlphaTrak costs a bit but it is worth it and the best! It will allow you to test at home and will allow you to adjust insulin dosages without going to the vet. Insulin dosages will change regularly. Also keep track of each test. After a while you will start to understand your dog’s glucose curve. Bender is low in the morning 80-100, eats, and spikes about 1. Then is low again around 5:30-6pm.

    Also get Zeke on a schedule for feeding and exercise. Exercise is very important. It helps regulate glucose levels, and keeps you and your dog healthy. Bender and Luna get a 3-4 mile run everyday when it doesn’t rain/snow.

    Take some time to read through my blog, lots of good posts and information. And if you have any questions, let me know.

  18. I just found out today that my 12 week old Labradoodle is diabetic. Not going to lie, I’m really freaked out about my baby. She is a very smart dog … she understands the concept of going potty outside buy obviously she can’t help it sometimes. We are going back to the vet in a few weeks to get her going on meds, but in the meantime, I’m not sure what to do about housetraining. We’ve been very consistent with her and I’m prepared to be cleaning up urine for a few months, but I’m scared of the housetraining going out the door for Ellie.

    Jeff, how old was your pup when he was diagnosed? Did the housetraining get interrupted or backtracked?

  19. Jeff Mendelsohn


    There is a ton of info on my blog read over it and if you have any questions please ask.

    Bender was 1.5 years old when I found out he was diabetic, that was back in 2007. He has only had 4 accidents in the house. 2 right when I found out he was diabetic. One when we were gone for longer than we should have been and couldn’t get home to let him out. And once when my brother scared him.

    Once you get Ellie’s diabetes under control she probably won’t have any accidents. Diabetic dogs usually have accidents because of all the water they drink and then can’t hold it.

    Are you giving her insulin shots now? A little concerning that you said you are going back in a few weeks to get meds. She should be on something ASAP.

    And remember the key to management is getting you dog on a schedule for feed and exercise with good low fat, no filler food and regular glucose level checking.


  20. Jeff-

    I appreciate your comments and advice. We worked so hard to get our boy Zeke regulated and receive the proper food at regular intervals. We could not get him regulated and his ketones got all messed up. Long story short, he developed pneumonia and passed two weeks ago. My heart is broken, but I know we truly did the best we could for him. We learned a lot.

  21. Jeff Mendelsohn


    I am sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you.


  22. Our Blue Great Dane was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Pearle is 3 1/2 yrs old, we noticed she was suddenly drinking copious amounts of water and seemed ravenous all the time. Her weight was noticeably dropping, we took her to the vet she was 108 lbs, down from 120lbs. Her glucose level was 410,and after a urine test for keytones the vet started her on 5 units of Novalin N twice a day. when she was tested again in 3 days her BG was 525, the vet upped the insulin to 24 units. The next bg test was down to 420. Her insulin was raised to 30 units. We changed her diet from Blue Buff to Orijen Adult because when I contacted Blue Buff they wouldn’t/coundn’t make any recommendations on using their food. The Orijen brand is certified low glycemic, Yeah its spendy 72 buck for 29.7 Lbs, and I’m feeding the dane and our Standard Poodle. They both love the food, Pearle has since put on 8 lbs. She did have a hypoglycemic episode when the vet had her at 35 units, a little Karo syrup on her gums fixed her right up, I then lowered he dose back to 30. The next day her BG was 265 so we have kept her on the same dose, she gets checked today to see where her BG is. We will be doing a Glucose curve as soon as her BG is stabilized.
    It is an expensive endeavor having a diabetic dog but, Hey what are you going to do, she’s our baby,so no expense is spared.
    I’m glad to have found your blog, nice to know thats there are rather a lot of folks and their dogs in the same boat.

  23. Jeff, your blog has already eased the stress I’ve been feeling this week, so happy I found it. Ellie’s vet had never seen a puppy so young with diabetes in his 35 years of practice (she was showing signs around 8 weeks – I thought it might be a UTI so she was put on antibiotics and we went back for a follow up and her Bg level was 571) so he had to do some research before he started her on insulin. I’m taking her to another Vet tomorrow for a 2nd opinion / confirmation. Then Monday our vet will keep her all day and night and monitor her. So she will be starting insulin next week.

    So soon we should be back to perfecting her pottying-outside-only skills and getting her on a schedule to regulate her

  24. Jeff Mendelsohn

    @ Megan: I am glad my blog is helping. I would not wait to get your puppy on insulin. Those high levels of glucose can be very bad for your dog!

    @ John: I was feeding Bender Blue Buffalo Healthy Weight but now he gets Wellness Core Grain Free Reduced Fat. His insulin needs haven’t really changed but he has a lot more energy.

    @ John & Megan: I would pick up an Alpha Track 2. It will help you regulate both of your dog’s glucose levels. You will be able to do glucose curves on your own so it will save you money instead of taking your dog to the vet.

    And remember your dog’s insulin needs will change. You should do a glucose curve every 2-4 weeks.

  25. I found out my dog is a diabetic back around Thanksgiving of 2012. It’s been crazy! I have him on a schedule of 9 am and 9 pm. He eats at 3 times a day. On the same food as ur dog. Can and dried. The vet had to up his units again about a week ago. He gets 3 units twice a day. He don’t mind the shot but he hates for me to check his sugar.

  26. we found that our Great Dane doesn’t mind using her lip for her glucose tests. The vet was sticking her in the rear leg for a drw and it stressed her out. When we started testing her at home we found the lip to be the spot for her. But she has big fat lis that are fine for a poke.

  27. Jeff Mendelsohn

    @Christy, Did your vet recommend feeding three times a day but only giving shots twice a day? Or is that just the schedule you had him on before finding out his is diabetic? I ask because that sort of schedule will probably reek havoc on your dog’s glucose levels. Can you explain your feeding and shot schedule?

    @John, I test on Bender’s lip too. Was doing the ear but he didn’t like it. I’ve seen places that recommend poking the pad of the paw. But that can’t be good.

  28. Hi,

    Just found out this week that my 7yr old Chihuahua is diabetic. He was drinking TONS of water so I brought him to the vet right away. Vet had me come in right away to get him started on insulin. He was at 512. He was on Royal Canin Satiety because he has been over weight, but after doing lots of research and getting additional help from a holistic vet I have changed my Little Boy to a canned dog food. Since changing to Nutrisca his drinking as definitely been reduced. Now, I would like to do his first glucose curve at home. Will the vet let me do this?? I ordered the Alphatrak II. Little Boy has been very cooperative with his shots so I know I will handle doing this at home. I don’t want him stressing out at the vet so I’ll do what I need to do for him. I’ll feel better once I get the first curve done. I just can’t stand the thought of him at the vet all day being stressed to the max when its something I can do at home. Poor little guy!!!! :(

    Has anyone tried vitamin supplements for their dogs?? I enlisted the help of a holistic vet and in addition to his insulin I was given a few recommendations to boost his immune system.

    Thanks for your help!

  29. Jeff Mendelsohn


    Your vet should be Ok with testing and doing a curve at home. It is the only way to truly manage your dog’s diabetes.


  30. Hi,
    My dog Shiloh has been recently diagnosed with diabetes and ehrilichiosis a tick born disease. It has taken 50 days to finally get her levels below 550. She has been consistently in the 600′s during this time. Unfortunately, she lost her eye sight the first 7 days. I have two other dogs and they help guide her throughout the house, which has been a huge help. The vet started her on 3 units twice a day. She is on Novolin N (Walmart brand). She also has been prone to seizures during the past 8 years. She also has high anxiety when she is placed outside her comfort zone. The vet has been seeing her every week and has increase her dosage since to 7 units twice a day. She was put on Purina DCO and I add Buffalo Blue Longevity adult. My vet suggested that I purchase the Alpha Trac so I can test her at home and I’m glad I did. My first test was 131 the best it’s been and my vet was very pleased. She told me she was not satisfied yet with this reading that we need consistency and to check it again in a couple days. I’m hopeful that I can keep her numbers regulated with regular exercise and feeding schedules. I also added a supplement that I believe may have helped two weeks ago called pet wellbeing (blood sugar gold).I give her this twice a day with her food and shot. I’ll keep my fingers crossed she stays regulated.


  31. Jeff Mendelsohn


    Sounds like you are getting Shiloh’s levels under control. The key to regulating is getting on a schedule and testing glucose levels regularly. And remember, over time your dog’s insulin needs will change so.

    My site has lots of information, if you have any questions please let me know.


  32. Vicki

    My toy poodle has had diabetes for over four years now. She will be 14 years old this coming August. My question is, I want her to have the best quality of life possible, but what do I expect as she gets older? At this time she is holding a good weight and responding to her insulin. (Levimir) Will she go in her sleep? Will I eventually have to put her down? I know there’s really no way of knowing anything for sure but I do not want her to suffer at any point. She’s been such an angel to have, I only want her to be happy and healthy as possible.

  33. Jeff Mendelsohn


    I also want the best for Bender but at some point his diabetes will get the best of him in one way or another. He might develop other issues, he might stop responding to insulin, etc. I don’t know. The only thing I do know is I need to do what is best for him so he can have a full and healthy life. If at any point he can’t then it is time for him to chase squirrels in the sky.

    Just enjoy your time with your pup now and worry about that sort of stuff later.


  34. donna mcmahjon

    My dog is diabetic and blind. He has the worse breath. Don’t want to get his teeth brushed cause he is never stable enough to be put to sleep. Does anyone know of something I can give him to make his breath better but cannot spike his sugar level either way. Thanks,

  35. Jeff Mendelsohn


    Dogs can have bad breath for many reasons. The most common is periodontal disease. Very common with smaller breeds. Read more Here:

    If your dog has periodontal disease, rotten teeth, etc, there is little you can do besides getting the teeth removed/their teeth cleaned.

    I’d consult your vet before doing this, but you could start brushing your dog’s teeth. Find some canine tooth paste. It is usually favored in beef or chicken, something your dog will love. Don’t use human toothpaste as there are ingredients that aren’t good for your dog.

    Beyond that, nothing I’ve tried has really helped Bender’s breath. I’ve tried the stuff you add to his water. Treats, dog breath mints, etc. It helps for about two seconds. So we just brush his teeth regularly.


  36. Michelle C.

    Need advise asap. Daughters dog diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis last night. Spent night at ER vet trying to stabilize. had to transfer to regular vet today. Spent day there trying to regulate levels. Was released for the night, still unstable, with instructions to try to get him to eat so they can check levels in the AM. He will not eat diabetic canned food and only had a bite of chicken. What else can we try to give him at this point. All he wants to do is sleep Hope is fading.

  37. Anyone else have a diabetic dog who also has immune mediated polyarthritis?

  38. Kathy Kraft

    My 7 year old schnauzer went blind, SARDS, about 3 months ago. Today he was diagnosed with Diabetes – we went on a cruise for a week and he has lost considerable weight. So depressed for him. So he just had his first shot at the vet, about a half hour ago and we are feeding him a small amount of science diet with sprinkled cheese. We are going to try 8 am and 8pm, with 3 small meals a day. Anyone similar? Anyone occasionally give natural peanut butter? Carrots ok? chicken bullion on kibble? I’m a nervous of course.

  39. 7 yr old mini schnauzer has been diabetic since jan and we think we finally got his insulin right at 13 CC. He is 21 lbs and has always been that weight. He went blind in May from the diabeties… I guess I asking if 13cc seems too high for him and if the surgery for his eyes is recommended? He loved to fetch more than anything and just seems down… It’s breaking my heart.

  40. Jeff Mendelsohn


    Every dog is different and requires different insulin needs. But there are several factors that will change insulin amounts including food intake, type of food, exercise level, brand/type of insulin.

    When Bender was first diagnosed with diabetes he was on a not so diabetic friendly brand of food and then by the recommendation of my Vet I switched him to a worse food (Hill’s W/D), I was giving Bender 30 units of insulin. Once I got him switched to a good, diabetic friendly food he dropped to 15 units.

    Bender has also been on several different insulins, he has done pretty good on his current one but other ones he did terrible on. So it is all about finding food and insulin that works for your dog.

    Also your dog’s insulin needs will change. Bender has been slowly getting more and more insulin as he gets older.

    I can’t comment on getting surgery for your dog’s eyes.

    As always, consult your Vet before making changes.


  41. Thank you for this site. After numerous tests …including a couple of initial negative diabetes results, my 7 year old Chihuahua tested positive and was diagnosed with diabetes last week …as well as an infection (on antibiotics). I’m in the process of changing her diet (my Chihuahua is currently overweight, escalated post prednisone use for allergies – immunotherapy didn’t work) …she loves her treats so it will be challenging. She’s still urinating & drinking excessive water so her vet increased insulin dosage today. …I think I am more nervous about her diet than I am about injections. I am very grateful there is treatment, I will do whatever I can to help my little girl.

  42. bennie van niekerk

    kayla,our 9 year old lab was diagnosed with type 1diabetes today.and addition to that,cataracts formed in both eyes.this occurred so fast,within a week.she underwent knee surgery last year and has a skin condition.our poor girl took all the knocks,but i can say that her tail always wiggles.i now guide her with a small bell to direct her to food and water successful is cataract surgery cant bear the fact of eye loss.this breaks my heart.

  43. Good Morning,
    Thank you for your advice and words of encouragement! My sweet 12 year old doxie was recently diagnosed with diabetes. She will have to receive shots twice a day for the rest of her life. This disease is manageable! I truly dislike her having to get stuck twice a day, and checking her blood sugar to boot, but if it means she is feeling loads better, there’s nothing I won’t do. Also, the advice about Walgreen’s was beyond awesome, especially on the pocket book. Thank you for sharing your story and letting others know that there are happy, healthy dogs living daily with this disease. Thank you again and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  44. Hi ,

    Thank you everyone for commenting your knowledge and findings. I have a 11 year old jack Russell who has just been diagnosed with diabetes today and I am heart broken at how fast his eye sight started to decrease. I have been feeling guilty I didn’t see the signs earlier about frequent urination and thirst but because of the weather change going into summer where I live I thought it was the heat. he is depressed at the moment but very brave with his injections and testing. I was wondering what diet tips are the best. I feel like there is so much negativity on the web for dogs with diabetes just reading through it for me is a struggle. It seems so easy to just say ‘ your dog will go blind and never be the same’ it’s so heartless. So thank you for this blog and I am so thankful for this !

  45. Jeff Mendelsohn


    Thank you for your kind words. For your dog’s diet, think about it this way, garbage in, garbage out. If you feed him food that is full of fillers and high sugar foods, then the result is going to be bad. Same goes for treats and people food. you want to find a high quality food that is high in protein, low in fat, zero to no fillers like white rice and corn. The more natural the better. There are a bunch of foods out there from Wellness to Blue Buffalo, and others, you will need to find the right one for your dog and consult your Vet.

    As I have said before, stay away from Hill’s Science Diet W/D.

    Read through my blog there are a bunch of good posts and comments.

  46. Our 7 year old Golden-Doodle was diagnosed with Diabetes two weeks ago. This dog is an awesome, wonderful dog and it breaks my heart that she has to go through this. We always exercise her and don’t believe in feeding human food. When she was just 1 year old she was diagnosed with Masticatory Muscle Myositis. We were able to get her through this disease and she has lived medicine and symptom free for 5 years now.

    I am not sure if the two diseases are linked but I think our dog has been dealt a bad genetic card. I would never have guessed that a mixed breed would have such problems. She is on twice daily 15 units insulin shots and our Vet is still checking her response to the treatment. For both of her conditions the symptoms started shortly after routine vaccination. I am not sure if that is coincidence but could maybe play a role in an animal with poor genetics. Although this would never deter me from vaccinating since that could have worst outcomes!

    We are determined to make this work. Giving her shots is very easy. We all chip in and make sure we have a schedule and document what we did. The needles are so little; she does not even feel it. She stands still and enjoys the extra “love”. I have little cups of corn syrup handy in the car and carry one in my coat pocket. This was a recommendation from my friend who successfully cared for her diabetic dog many years ago.

    Eventually we will monitor her glucose at home but we are not at that stage yet. She is a picky eater and we have other dogs in the house which can make this challenging at times. We are switching dog foods and will see how that works. We are not feeding the Veterinary dry food diet. I have an ingredients list and it shows that it contains corn. I compared a number of dog food ingredients and started with a “Mounds” food brand. The ingredients were “acceptable” to me based on what other diets contain that dog owners of diabetic dogs recommend. I hope this will help. We are giving probiotics while switching the food. We are taking it one day at a time.

  47. Hi Jeff….just an update on my Toy Poodle with diabetes. Miss Mandy is now over 15 years old and still going strong. Well maybe strong but a bit slower. I would never have guessed that 7 years after her diagnosis she would live to a ripe old age. It’s amazing how strong her will is. And people told me I should have had her put down back then……psh…..fools.

  48. Jennifer

    I just had to put my 6 year old golden retriever down today. She was in dka not able to be controlled in the hospital. Her liver enzymes were hugely increased and had multiple seizures while in the hospital. The only thing that changed was her diet 3 months to blue buffalo dog food. Is there any correlation?

  49. Jeff Mendelsohn


    I’m sorry for your lose. :o(

    I can’t say yes or no if there is a correlation. I doubt it though. In general diabetes is a complicated issue and worse when it comes to our pets. How diabetes affects a dog is different per dog. If you read the comments on my blog, some dogs are doing just fine. While others, unfortunately don’t last very long. Diabetes also usually comes with other problems, including heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, foot ulcers and damage to the eyes.

    Bender probably had diabetes months before, if not for most all of his life before I found out. It wasn’t until he had accidents in the house two days in a row when I knew some thing was wrong. Wouldn’t have know if he didn’t have any accidents. That’s the problem, our pets can’t talk to us and tell us what is wrong.


  50. Jeff thank you for the informative blog. My 8 y/o toy poodle has been at the vets for the past 3 day with a diagnosis of pancreatitis. While visiting Izzy b today the vet told me she will most likely need to be on insulin. I am a nurse so the thought of giving the insulin was not a problem. My concern was the blood glucose checks. Wondering if it was similar humans or what . After reading thru you blog I have a few more questions for my vet tomorrow when I visit my baby and hopefully get to bring her home. I have two other dogs and the are grieving with Izzy B being away. Thank you again for the info you have provided.

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