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Ask Bender – Raw foods (chicken etc)

I have been told that Raw foods (chicken etc) Nature's Variety is better for my 12 year old diabetic Westie. Has only been on insulin 1 month. My Vet say NO only Hills Pres. w/d can food, and nothing in between meals. I bake him snacks made from the Hills dog food. I...

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Cutting Nails

Bender is a huge baby when it comes to cutting his nails. He cries and whines like he is in pain just at the sight of the clippers. He will run and hide if he can. And If I do manage to get a hold of his paw he does everything he can to get away. I don't know why....

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Don’t Feed My Dog

I don't feed Bender table scraps or any sort of people food. He doesn't get my pizza crust or the fat from my steak. If I do feed him any thing I'm sharing my apple or some other fruit with him, which is almost daily. Because of this he doesn't beg and in general...

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AlphaTrack Product Life

About a month ago my AlphaTrak meter started giving me an "Er4" message when I turned it on. After an extensive search of the internet I came to the conclusion the "Er4" message was as vague as the instruction manual's explanation. "Problem with the meter" OR "Problem...

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My Barfy Little Dog 3

This is a follow up to My Barfy Little Dog 2 and My Barfy Little Dog. I had been giving Bender probiotics because he was throwing up bile right before eating in the morning and at night. He would only be sick for about 10 mins then be completely fine. He would never...

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FURminator Product Review

Let me start by saying I would never recommend a product unless I thought it was awesome and worth every penny. This is an article about one of those products. Bender sheds like a snow storm in January. It is ridiculous how much hair Bender puts off. Not just in...

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My Barfy Little Dog 2

This is a follow up to My Barfy Little Dog. Bender has been on his new food (Blue Buffalo Healthy Weight Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe) for about two month. After the switch things improved. He wasn't barfing as much. But he was still throwing up. I even tried giving...

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My Barfy Little Dog

Back in November of 2010 I switched Bender from homemade food to Wellness Healthy Weight. After spending a long time researching I decided it was the best food. After getting Bender adjusted he was doing great. Good numbers, happy dog. Then adding a little fiber, he...

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