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Better Eat Your Fiber

A while ago a fell Diabetic Dog Owner mentioned to me that mix in powder fiber might help out in keep Bender regulated and possibly lower his insulin needs. Which Bender already is pretty regulated but any thing to help. I went out a bought some store brand mix in...

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To lancet or where lancet

I have been trying to find a better solution to lancing Bender in the ear. After an all day test, I've lanced Bender a minimum of 10 times. I miss the vein, I know he isn't fond of it, and it hurts him. I tried using a lancing device but that was less accurate. After...

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A Change in Food… Again

The cost of making Bender's food has been slowing going up. Every time I cut costs on one ingredient another ends up costing more. For a 45 day amount the cost is running me about $80. The time that it takes to make the food is also running about 8hrs between prep,...

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iPet vs The AlphaTrak – Part 2

This is a continuation, please read the first part here. It has been over a month now of testing the iPet. I received a new meter and control solution. The new meter works fine and the control solution is within range. For over a month I've been using the iPet along...

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iPet vs The AlphaTrak – Part 1

There are very few options for testing your dog or cats glucose levels at home. To my understanding a normal human meter isn't accurate. Taking your dog to the vet can become very costly, not to mention time consuming. There are two major options out there, the iPet...

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My dog is a picky eater and has diabetes

Thankfully Bender is not a picky eater. He eats all his food at every meal. But what happens if he didn't? Our other dog Luna will eat any from a 1/4th of her food to all of her food every meal. Its never the same. Imagining Luna on diabetes, I would think she would...

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