Last night I woke up to Bender making a lot of noise. He was messing with his bed. At first I thought he was cold. Then he started wandering around the house bumping into walls and furniture. I know this act. He has low blood sugar. I get up and get Bender to the kitchen. But the only problem is what do I feed him? Since I switched him to a totally home made food diet I don’t have food readily available for him because I portion out his food per meal and freeze it.

I didn’t even have carrots to give him. Just treats. Not good at all. I ended up giving Bender some of Luna’s food. Just 1/4 of a cup. Enough to get him back to normal. I waited till he was fine and we went back to bed.

But its another good reminder that if your dog is on a totally home cooked diet and you make and freeze the food. Make sure you have some thing to feed in case of situations like low blood sugar. I just made a 40 day batch of food which I froze. This weekend I need to make up a 1 meal batch of his food that I can separate into 3 small portions to freeze so I can keep it on hand for low blood sugar nights.