It has been bitter cold out for the last month, lightly snowy, streets are a mess and in general I just don’t want to be outside. Which means I haven’t been running the dogs every day like I usually do. Even my treadmill use is less than I would like. I don’t feel like dealing with the hassle. The treadmill is loud, Bender isn’t keen to running without some sort of fight. He’s passive and instead of jumping off, he’ll just lay down and being attached to a leash he will just be drug on the treadmill, so I have to watch him. Plus it takes an hour to run him because I can’t run him at full speed like on my bike. Excuses. Each and every one.

And today is a reminder why I need to stop using them. I did Bender’s monthly all day glucose test. What a mess of number. He woke up to about 90. By 3:00pm he was around 400. I ran him for an hour on the treadmill at 4:00-500pm. At 6:00pm his glucose level was down to 90 again.

So laziness stop here. Daily running on the treadmill starts here. Then a good session of playing with his toys afterward.

But this is just a remind as why exercise is important for not just a diabetic dog but for all dogs.