The one thing I haven’t changed with Bender is his treats. I really don’t give him many treats to begin with. He maybe gets 1/2 to a full milk bone or some thing resembles a milk bone a day, if that. I don’t treat him with people food either. Some times he gets a rawhide strip (3″x6″ ones). But that is really it.

My vet did give me Butler Lean Treats. I have yet to try them because right before I found out Bender was diabetic I bought a 10 pound box of dog treats and my girlfriend keeps buying treats for the dogs.

But that does raise the question about what should be done with treats and your diabetic dog? Personally with how little treats Bender gets I never bothered looking for diabetic dog treats. Reading around on the interwebs I found that a lot of people give their dogs carrots or other veggies. So my question to you is what kind of treats do you give your diabetic dog?