Treats for my Diabetic Dog?

The one thing I haven’t changed with Bender is his treats. I really don’t give him many treats to begin with. He maybe gets 1/2 to a full milk bone or some thing resembles a milk bone a day, if that. I don’t treat him with people food either. Some times he gets a rawhide strip (3″x6″ ones). But that is really it.

My vet did give me Butler Lean Treats. I have yet to try them because right before I found out Bender was diabetic I bought a 10 pound box of dog treats and my girlfriend keeps buying treats for the dogs.

But that does raise the question about what should be done with treats and your diabetic dog? Personally with how little treats Bender gets I never bothered looking for diabetic dog treats. Reading around on the interwebs I found that a lot of people give their dogs carrots or other veggies. So my question to you is what kind of treats do you give your diabetic dog?

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  1. You can give him the Hill’s Science Diet Hypoallergenic bone shaped treats that you can buy at the vet. A bit pricey, but ok for diabetic dogs. I give my dog carrots too… loves them as much as the treats.

  2. Jeff Mendelsohn

    I started recently giving Bender Baby Carrots. He loves them. They are good for him but I need to pull back on the amount.

    Glycemic Index* is around 50 which is considered low. But still higher than I would like for the amount he is getting right now.

    *Glycemic Index is how fast glucose is digested and enters into the blood stream.

  3. Good treats are foods that will have very little to no effects on the glucose levels.

    Good choices include,

    broccoli, green beans, zuchini, cubed skinless,boiled chicken breasts…best to stay away from carrots as they seem to raise the glucose levels in most dogs.

    Any commercial ‘dog-treat’ is going to affect the glucose…much better to stick with natural choices.

  4. I have been investigating in books & on the web, talking with holistic veterinarians and working with my diabetic dog to include low-glycemic vegetables for over 4 years. My bakery has been growing with diabetic dog owners looking for a treat that will have a low affect if any, to the blood sugars. The best vegetables are green peas, green beans, spinach and a base of oats. Oats can be in oat flour and/or old fashioned oats. I would caution you in obtaining treats with onions, garlic or any preservatives (even the organic ones). Just fresh treats!

    The only rawhide type treats I will give my dogs are the ones the Vets sell and they will naturally break down in the dog’s stomach. I would not take a chance in a bowel obstruction with commercial rawhide chews (such as the ones in stores from China).

    I would encourage diabetic dog owners to bake some quick and easy low-glycemic dog treats. You are welcome to contact us for several recipes to bake at home.

  5. debbie

    I make treats for my dog with baby food….
    2 sm. jars of beef, chicken,or turkey.Mix w/2 eggs 1/4 tsp olive oil and 1/2 cup of one of these flours….rye,soy,or oat. spread on parchment paper and bake for 25min. I add in some parsley,or mrs.dash for more flavor. he loves them.

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