I recently had the opportunity to try out the UltiCare Vet Rx Bathing Cloths.

Ulticare Vet Rx 8″ x 8″ Refresh Bathing Cloths able to remove dirt and reduce odor form your pet anywhere, anytime. These hypoallergenic cloths utilize a unique patented EncapodorĀ® technology to capture and eliminate pet odor. Refresh Bathing cloths are thick, durable and pre moistened, which makes them perfect for everyday use at home or away.

With the addition of Aloe Vera Extract and Vitamin E, Refresh Bathing Cloths help deliver relief from insect bites and gives your pet a smoother, healthier coat.

I really have never used a product like this. I am not one for products I consider unnecessary because there are other options on hand that are available. Such as a towel, paper towel, or a bath.

Well, Bender and Luna decided it was a good idea to roll in squirrel funk. At least that is what I think it is. It is a musty, dirty earthy, noxious odor that only a small animal could produce. They roll in it a lot actually. It usually results in a bath. But not this time! UltiCare Vet Rx Bathing Cloths to the rescue.

There isn’t much to describe about these cloths. They are 8″ by 8″ moist towelettes, they are thicker so you can really scrub your dog and not worry about them ripping apart.

Over all they worked well. Got the smell and dirt off. Made the dogs feel clean.

But are they practical? For me it depends on the situation. I’m not going to use them every time the dogs get dirty from playing outside or when it rains. That is what a towel is for. I’ll probably use them if they come in smelling of funk and I can’t give them a bath or they shouldn’t have a bath.

On road trips the cloths would be good. Or those situations that you need to clean up the dog but don’t have access to water, or have time. Like after the park or dog park. So for cases like that I’ll keep these UltiCare Vet Rx Bathing Cloths on hand in the house and in the car.

You can buy some at americandiabeteswholesale.com.