There are days it feels like Bender is a drain on my wallet. And it really doesn’t help that every time I visit the vet I see the total amount that I’ve spent that year. But what does it really cost me?

Bender is a 50lbs dog. High energy and I’m giving him a lot of insulin. He isn’t an extreme case but he is worse than most.

For one month.
1 bag of W/D food 30lbs – $62
2 Vetsulin 10ml – $50 ($25/each)
62 needles – $7.13 (11.5 cents each)
5 testing strips – $5 ($1 each)

Total: Roughly $125 a month.

That doesn’t include if I need to take him to the vet or any other treats/general care items.

I’ve switched his food to natural home cooked food. I’m hoping to reduce the amount of insulin. Although the cost of his home cooked food will be about the same as his W/D.

The cost will probably be more if you have a larger dog and of course less if you have a smaller dog.