I was given a Pet Test Meter by Advocate to review. I’ve been using the Pet Test meter for a few months now. Over all, I am happy with the meter and recommend it as another glucose meter.

b57b2bc4-4e4e-4e82-a7bf-18169710fe2bUnboxing & First Impressions

The kit I was sent came with the meter, user manual, quick reference guide, 10 test strips, 2 AAA batteries, and a carrying case.

The meter is slightly bigger than the AlphaTrak and iPet. The screen is large and easy to read. The meter feels solid and well constructed. There is a slot at the top of the meter for the test strips, a large screen, and a button. The case is pretty much the same as every other meter case I’ve seen. It has a place for the meter, the test strips, lancing device and a pocket for lancets.


I like how the meter uses 2 AAA batteries. Yes, they take up more room but I like that I can use my rechargeable batteries instead of wasting button batteries. Setting the date/time was decently easy. Although I’m not fond of the button placement. There is button on the front and a button on the back behind the battery cover. You have to use both of these buttons to set the date/time and test modes, etc. A little weird, but as long as you aren’t switching between cat and dog test modes, you really don’t have to mess with the button behind the battery cover after the first setup.

First Use.

The strips are the same size as any test strip. One spot for blood. Upon putting a strip in the meter it will turn on and ask for a sample. You do have 2 minutes to provide a blood sample. Which is nice since some dogs don’t like to sit still.

The amount of blood needed is really small, 0.3 microliters, which is the same as the AlphaTrak.

Using the meter to actually test is to me slightly awkward. Although it isn’t much bigger than the other meters, the rectangle shape makes it feel big. Does it make taking a sample harder? No. Would I stop using it? No. Just a weird observation.

Taking the sample and the results are quick. The results are clear and easy to read.

Comparing Results.

I am happy to report that the results seem to be accurate. I compare against the Alpha Trak and here is a sample of what I got.

8:00am, before breakfast
AphaTrak: 87
PetTest: 94

AphaTrak: 109
PetTest: 113

AphaTrak: 101
PetTest: 99

6:00pm after a 3.5 mile run, before dinner.
AphaTrak: 77
PetTest: 80

AphaTrak: 114
PetTest: 117

Other Thoughts.

The PetTest will show results from 20-600. Anything lower will display Lo, any thing higher will display Hi. When you press the M button on the front of the meter twice (once to turn on, then wait for it to ask for a strip, press again) the meter will also show 7, 14, 28 day average for both dog and cat and then individual results.


PetTest Kit (contains meter, carrying case, 10 count each test strips and lancets, lancing device, user’s guide, quick reference guide, daily log book and two (2) AA batteries)

Suggested Retail: $49.99
Found on Amazon.com: about $45-50
The AlphaTrak 2 is $60 on Amazon.
Very reasonable pricing.

PetTest Strips 50 count box

Suggested Retail: $44.99
The test strips are around $45. $50 with shipping.
Compared to the AlphaTrak 2 for $59.

PetTest Control Solution for the PetTest is about $11-13 plus shipping.

I am also glad to see the price of the meters are down $50 or more from last I bought mine a few years ago.

I would recommend this meter. It is accurate and costs slightly less compared to the AlphaTrak 2. Having a diabetic dog, keeping cost down is important.