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American Diabetes Wholesale
I’ve been a customer of American Diabetes Wholesale since shortly after I found out Bender had diabetes back in 2007. I found them on the internet and ordered supplies from them several times now. They have good prices and fast shipping.

Mike Maguire – Co-Founder of American Diabetes Wholesale, contacted me in May 2010. He really liked my blog and wanted to connect because of one of a paths his company is going down. He has realized that there is a growing need for diabetic supplies for dogs and cats. Not only at low affordable prices but also quality products.

Mike’s interest doesn’t stop there, he understands there are a major problems in the area with canine and feline diabetes. Lack of information, lack of research, lack of quality supplies or over priced supplies, lack diabetic friendly food or over priced diabetic friendly food, those are just to name a few. He has taken an active interest in learning about canine and feline diabetes and doing every thing he can to help the issues at hand.

Because of this American Diabetes Wholesale is a company I can stand behind.

American Diabetes Wholesale and Diabetic Dog Blog
American Diabetes Wholesale doesn’t pay me or compensate me to advertise or use their products or services unless other wise stated.

I am a part of their Affiliate program all information about the program can be found here.