This is a follow up to My Barfy Little Dog. Bender has been on his new food (Blue Buffalo Healthy Weight Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe) for about two month. After the switch things improved. He wasn’t barfing as much. But he was still throwing up. I even tried giving him a bit of food before bed with some fiber. Which helped but still he was throwing up. I could tell Bender just wasn’t feeling good.

After an extensive search I found some thing that might help… Probiotics. Probiotics can help with a lot of digestive issues, including reducing acid production.

I started giving Bender Advanced Probiotic Balance once a day during his evening meal. The capsules come apart so I spread the contents over his food along with his fiber, add a little bit of water, wait a few minutes then feed him. It has been about three weeks and he hasn’t thrown up once. He has a higher energy level, not burping and has stopped eating grass as often.