I have been trying to find a better solution to lancing Bender in the ear. After an all day test, I’ve lanced Bender a minimum of 10 times. I miss the vein, I know he isn’t fond of it, and it hurts him. I tried using a lancing device but that was less accurate.

After talking to my new vet, she had a few suggestions she wasn’t thrilled with. Such as cutting his nail a little short, Lancing his paw pad, or his lip. No way am I going to cut Bender’s nails short for an all day test. He already hates having his nails cut. I’m not going to lance his paw pad either because we run a lot on the street and the last thing he needs is a cut on his paw. After mentioning the issue to a fellow diabetic dog owner, she suggested try the lip. They had good results with getting blood and their dog was ok with it opposed to pricking his ear.

So why not try it? And I’ll get to try a lancing device! It actually turned out to be much easier, faster, more blood, and with less misses.

First put a new lancet in the lancing device. Cock it. Curl up the top lip, dry the area off with a napkin or towel. Put the lancing device firmly on the lip. Then fire it.

At first Bender reacted to the noise and subsequent prick. He still kind of does, but he is a very good boy and behaves. Plus I give him a small treat afterward.